Friday, April 17, 2009

I survived the most horrible winter

Soon I will be able to add a Published Work section to my resume. It will go nicely under all the minimum wage retail jobs and the glossed-over lack of a high school diploma, until I fail to mention high school altogether and just mention that I'm working on a degree.

On Wednesday I got an email from White Wall Review. They are publishing two of my poems under the pseudonym Patrick Walker-Nelson. That makes me a published poet times 9.

Today I went to Grant MacEwan College to chat up a student advisor. I think they are going to let me in.


thewindhover said...

Congratulations on being published again! I can just imagine you chatting up that student advisor... and may I ask why Patrick Walker-Nelson? (And why doesn't he make posts on the blog?)

Anonymous said...


Patrick Walker-Nelson because he is my p[a]wn. He doesn't make posts mostly because I was keeping him a secret, and also because many magazines won't publish anything that's available on the internet. Hence the few poems on And Beyond!

N said...

I remember you telling me about Patrick, I'm glad he's getting published. Also, congrats on making it into Macewan (they'd be crazy not to accept you.)

Lizzy Derksen said...

New blog!